September 17th, 2009


14 Miles

New weight loss numbers… I have now lost 48 pounds which is almost 25% of my body weight!  My weight now comes in at 162 and I still have a week to go which means that I will end up losing more than 50 total pounds by the time I get into the valley, but this amount needs to be related to the handcart pioneers and I am sure that they would have probably lost up to 1/3 of their body weight in the 110 day period.  I am looking forward to eating some good food in a week or so.


Second day of not being able to travel actual trail because of private property, etc., so I have been walking the dirt old Lincoln Highway that is just north of the trail.  The last four miles I had to walk on Interstate 80.

All kinds of plans are being made for mine/Sarah’s entry into the valley.  If you have the chance to join us, please be at the “This is the Place” monument at 10 am on September 26 for a culmination to an historic trek.