August 26th, 2009


19.5 miles

This was the first full day of walking by myself since I left the hospital and what a day to have to walk along.  It was of course, filled with hills, including Prospect Hill that is one mile long and the steepest gravel road hill that I have climbed since the hill called Mt. Everest in Iowa!  Anyway, I was maxed when I finally gave up about one half mile short of my daily goal.Even though it was tough, I love the original trail.  I found two old broken horseshoes, a wagon pin and four square nails that are used for oxen shoes.  It was all there just lying on top of the dirt.  You have to understand that if you put 500,000 emigrants down a trail and the trail become littered with everything imaginable.


This is the second wagon pin that I have found.  I have also found a partial canvas bucket.  I just love finding this stuff because it lets me know of the footsteps that I am following.

I also had a bit of a scare right after I started.  Bessie (my extra fast Jack Russell pup) was walking with me and she saw an antelope and decided to chase it into the wild blue yonder.  No matter what I said, she just kept on truckin’ at full speed over hill and dale.  Well she disappeared.
I want a T-Bone steak