September 14th, 2009


18.5 Miles

Eleven days till the valley!  I am still looking at crossing some rugged mountain ranges between here and the valley but am excited at being this close to home.  It has been a physically and mentally tough experience and there are indications that it may even snow on me before I get home.  Today’s trek was pretty good until the last 4 miles when the wind came on something fierce.  It had to be gusting upwards of 40 mph and then the rain joined in for the last two miles so I could fight my way into camp cold and wet and then soon after I got here, it all stopped, but it has started raining again and hasn’t stopped yet.The good news is that I am at a destination for trading or bartering or charity because Fort Bridger was a supply and trading post in 1856, so as I am looking for a place to put my wet tent and the Ft. Bridger RV Park was kind enough to let me erect my tent for free.  Nice folks.  So I started talking to the owner Teresa about what I was doing and come to find out, her kids have gone on the short three day trek also, so she was familiar with what I was trying to accomplish.  So she asked me what I was doing for dinner and I told her of my 1856 rules and that I was at a place where I could accept charity or work for items.  The next thing I knew, her daughter arrived with 6 apples and 6 peaches and I ate a peach on the spot.  Man was that good!  


Because they have a nice place to shower and wash clothes, I decided to wash a couple of things instead of beating them against the rock, well she wouldn’t let me spend my money and gave me quarters to do the wash. Nice folks!  I then asked what I needed to pay for a shower and she said “for me, it’s free”.  Nice folks!  I thoroughly enjoyed that hot water.  Now you have to understand that I have seen a few camp showers the last few months and this one was the nicest, cleanest that I have seen.  So if you ever need an RV spot and you are in the Ft. Bridger area, you won’t find nicer people or cleaner facilities.  It is well worth the couple of bucks.

So she then invites me to eat at the restaurant with her and her daughter and after a moment of polite rejection, I agree and have a wonderful, tasty, hot, delicious buffalo chicken fried steak, mashed potatoes with chicken gravy, string beans, garlic toast, salad with bleu cheese and milk.  I have to be careful or I’ll end up gaining back some of those 40 pounds that I have lost so far.  Man was that good.

Great family and I couldn’t be in better hands.  So if you ever get close to Ft. Bridger, stop in the Ft. Bridger RV Park and enjoy some great company.