September 16th, 2009


21.8 Miles

Got rained on about 80% of last night and so my nylon tent didn’t fair very well.  I had puddles of water inside and my pillow was wet and my blankets got wet.  Do you know what it is like to put your head onto a cold wet pillow to try and sleep?  It stinks.

So when I got up this morning there was thick fog which is great for taking photos and so we shot some footage at the beginning of the trek and then shot some more footage when we arrived at the wind turbines on Bridger Butte.  There are some great shots of the handcart and the turbines showing the old and new technology.


The topography is rapidly changing and I climbed a 5% hill (mountain) today that was 2 miles long and completed it in one hour and ten minutes.  It was a struggle to reach the top but I thought of my grandmother and the struggles that she had to go through and I pushed on.  Tomorrow I have another 5% climb but the hill (mountain) is 2 ½ miles long.

I’m excited to be within 9 days of the valley as of tomorrow and can’t wait to see everyone.  It has been an honor to walk in these same footsteps.