August 18th, 2009


21 Miles

This was a tough day. It is the first day that I have done 20+ miles in the hills and dirt since I left Iowa and it kicked my behind, and to top things off, I believed that I would be able to follow the trail but was told that I needed special permission from a land owner that wasn’t available, so instead of walking the anticipated 20 miles, the total distance became 35 miles. Well by the time I had completed 21 miles, I had walked for 11 hours and had not powdered my behind and got… shall I say… chaffed? I couldn’t walk another step. To do so would have caused blisters and I didn’t need that in addition to the present pain, so I had to get in the supply wagon and ride the last 15 miles. Ryker couldn’t pull either because he has developed blisters. So if I could have walked and had to finish the day with the longer round about distance, I wouldn’t have arrived in Glendo until around 3 or 4AM. So now I have to figure out how to care for my behind.

Other than that drama, I had a good day. I had a companion walker who is LDS and walked with me for a couple of miles out in the countryside where his family


has been for over 100 years. He is 71 years old and pulled the cart like a champ. Speaking of countryside, the topography has changed dramatically in the last couple of days. We now have the Laramie Peak at 12,840 in front of me and everything has become very hilly again. The temperature dropped to 40 degrees last night and I am freezing with my two little blankets and I have over a month to go. Heaven help me.

I also found three pioneer graves today, and was also given permission by Kathy Murray (?) to visit Porters Rock (look it up). It was a great moment to stand there on this piece of ground that the trail passes right by and divides into two directions and you can see the original swales where they traveled. The land has never been cultivated and so it looks as it did 150 years ago. It was amazing to be there.

Well I have to cut this short and go powder my behind and try and find a way to stay warm tonight.