August 20th, 2009


28.9 Miles

My longest pull yet, but I think that I may have paid the price.  I felt the top part of my right leg calf getting oozy (that’s a medical term) by the end of the day and upon pulling up the pant leg it looks like the beginning stages of what the bottom part of the leg was doing when I went to the hospital in Scottsbluff, so I took a shower (which is a novelty for me) cleaning the area, re-dressed the leg with meds and we will see what it looks like in the morning.  I pray that this isn’t having a relapse.  That wouldn’t be good, and after a stellar day of putting on some serious miles.  So for medical safety sake, they pulled me and the cart in the last 11 miles into Glenrock so I could dress the wound area.  Once again, keep me in your prayers.


Other than that, Ryker and I were cruising today, even though I was having a difficult time even walking this morning because of being so tired… why so tired you say?  Well I didn’t get all of my business taken care of until around 11PM and then I got soaked by the irrigation sprinklers again at about 2AM.  My tent leaks like crazy and so my blanket got wet, then my socks that I was wearing got wet, and then I tried to go outside to see if I could stop the sprinklers and then my shirt got wet.  It was a miserable night, along with the antelope that were outside of my tent.  One of these nights I will get some sleep.  I am starting to lose my marbles.