September 5th, 2009


Approx. 16 Miles

Chalk up another first for this trek because in walking from the visitors center where I was staying at Sixth Crossing at Sweetwater Station, I walked the same route as all of the handcarts, including the Willie and Martin companies instead of taking a detour around some private property.  I know, I know, I should have gotten permission first but I had to take a chance on walking the river bottoms instead of making this huge detour, well it paid off and I suppose that I have been one of the first or the only one that has ever pulled a cart along this section of the trail.  I found two square oxen nails, a broken oxen shoe and misc pieces of metal along the trail.  It’s fun to find these items and it makes you feel like you are back in that time.

I had a cousin, Beverly Williams and her husband help me pull today and it was rough for them.  Even though Beverly runs 10 miles a day, she ended up with two huge blisters by the end of the day, and her husband Ray was dealing with leg cramps all day.  It was rough for them even though I pulled about 90% of the time, but they are in their 70’s and it’s tough when you first jump into this. We’ll see what happens tomorrow because I am doing the climb going over Rocky Ridge which is about a 700 foot climb in less than two miles, but it is the rocky trail that makes it tough.


 We’ll see.  Beverly and I are distant cousins from Sarah Goode and it was a great experience to meet her.  She also gave me some cherished tokens of different handcart memorabilia.  Thanks for the gifts…

Oh…. Also this morning when I was leaving the visitors center, I got two most unexpected and welcomed surprises!  A wonderful freshly baked cherry pie was laying on the trail with a story about a member of the 1856 Martin handcart company and her struggles on trying to make the daily journey and had given up and…. well, I want you to read the entire story for yourself and I am about to run out of battery on my computer, so look up Louisa Mellor from 1856 Martin Handcart company and read the pie story.  By the way, the cherry pie was amazing!  Thanks to whoever made it.  Then I walked a little further and found a blanket.  Thank you again!  I can’t except charity at this point of the trail but if I find it on the trail, I am going to pick it up.  Wouldn’t you?  Also… last night someone put a peach and a small airline blanket and half of a wonderful BLT in my cart.  Holy Cow!  If I stayed there any longer, I was going to start gaining weight, but my heartfelt thanks to everyone at Sixth Crossing.  Please stay in touch with me.  You will be in my heart and thoughts forever.