September 18th, 2009


14 Miles

I’m finally in Utah, Yahoo!  Another huge line in the sand of this historic trek has been crossed and I am within the sight of the Wasatch Mountains.  Being this close gives my body the added strength that it needs to make the final 75 mile push.

It was cold last night, as it has been for the last couple of weeks but it soon warmed up into the 80s as I began walking down Interstate 80.  The trail enters Echo Canyon at Castle Rock and so I will be walking the trail as close as possible the remainder of the trek into the Salt Lake Valley.

I was met on the trail today by a good friend, Dave Nelson, who drove down from Seattle to a convention in Salt Lake and made a side trip to try and feed me some Kentucky Fried Chicken.  I had to re-nig but I thankfully accepted a gift certificate that will be redeemed as soon as I get into town.

I also have the company this evening of good friends Dave and Rebecca Kaylor and their children and cousins, Lisa and Rebecca Dawson to help me pull the handcart on Saturday.  It’s good to have the company and the assistance to make the next leg.


Quick notes…

It’s presently raining on me.

I found forty three cents on the road today, doubling my total for the entire trip.

I’m looking forward to the festivities when I enter the city.

My body is holding up as well as can be expected for the miles that I have covered.

I met Tyler Rowsen today in Castle Rock.  We also met him in Farson WY, small world.

I amaze myself when I think of all of the miles that I have covered in the last 102 days.

One of the greatest gifts that I have received on this trek is of all of the wonderful people that

I have met.  If you are lacking confidence in America… go pull a handcart across it…