June 27th, 2009


14.6 miles today.

Sunday Rest, Chad & Lauel McCance and their kids (Bryce, Sarah, Lauren) have been a great family in Atlantic.  They offered me that wonderful Iowan hospitality and gave me nourishment that was wonderful.  I am able to accept charity from kind people along the way in Iowa because that is how it was in 1856, but after Iowa, those moments will be sparse because the population in 1856 ended in Iowa.  So when someone offers me kindness (and they have to offer, and not me ask), I then accept and the McCance family has been wonderful.  I got to go to church today and that was good also.  I’m sure that I make a great first impression on people until they find out what that old guy in the funny pants and the beard is doing in their church.  They had a pot luck dinner here after church


like they did in Newton but I didn’t accept (but I wanted to) because I felt that it wasn’t part of the pioneer trials and rewards, but the food smelled wonderful but I had some great potato salad that I have been craving for the last few days.

I had a much needed day off to rest my failing body and appreciated the moment.  Chad McCance is a general surgeon and gave me some good advice on how to help my newly developed carpal tunnel.  My right hand, except for the little finger is completely numb from pulling.  So hopefully his advice will save me.

I’m rested and ready to go to Nebraska.  I am scheduled to be in Florence NE (Winter Quarters) on Friday, July 3.