July 5th, 2009


Rest…  The rest for the last couple of days has been greatly needed for a body that was needing nourishment and repair.  I spent my Sunday at church and had a couple of chances to speak about my experiences and it was very rewarding to share those moments.  I also was invited by Mark Goodwin, a young man that I met the prior week out in Macedonia, to eat dinner at his home with this great family.  He also invited his friends, the Williams, whom Katie Williams ancestor is one of the signers of the “Declaration of Independence”!  What a great legacy.  Go read about John Hart and the trials that he went through and eventual death for his participation in our freedom.  What a wonderful meal and wonderful new life long friendships.  Mark is a great musician by the way. Also this evening, while getting

things together for tomorrow at the Trail Center in Florence, I met a number of nice visitors to the area, but especially fun was meeting Alan and Debra Kimball from Woodinville WA, where I lived for almost 20 years.  It was like a letter from home as we talked about all of our common friends.  I told them to send my love back to everyone that I knew.

I’m walking tomorrow for the first time, unescorted because Shirley and Galin won’t arrive until Monday night.  I should be alright, but we’ll see.  I have to add additional weight to my cart tomorrow because the pioneers of 1856 had to re-supply themselves here in Winter Quarters (Florence) and so I will be adding another 100#.