July 14th, 2009


16.3 miles

I had to walk today after having only a couple of hours of sleep last night.  I got into another one of those NE storms with the lightning, rain and wind.  It eventually tore down about half of the tent, so I laid there with a pool of water at the bottom of my feet and the walls collapsed and waiting for the rain and wind to let up so I could go out and fix the tent stakes.  All I want is a good nights rest.  I didn’t fall asleep until around 4AM and then to walk 16 miles today was a real effort.  I had no energy at all.The weather was overcast until around 11AM and then it got up to 92 degrees.  I was thankful that I had the advantage of walking on pavement today.  Tomorrow will be a killer.  It will be my longest day yet at around 24 miles and half of it will be gravel roads.  When I walk the gravel, that handcart just feels like an anchor.  



Feet aredoing well and I am still losing weight.  I get to eat a couple of ounces of rice tonight for only the second time since I have been walking.  I will put some powdered milk and some sugar on it and imagine that it is rice pudding.

I thoroughly enjoyed my stay in Genoa and loved the wonderful people there.  It is rich in history.

Also, I forgot to mention that when I was in North Bend, that Darrell Ritenour, who owns the Corner Cafe, treated me to my last breakfast on the trek.  He served up a plate of biscuits and gravy that was huge!  And I appreciated every bite.  So if you ever get to North Bend NE… the Corner Cafe is the place to eat, especially the Sunday buffet.