July 17th, 2009


13.8 Miles

You know, the toughest part about going into WalMart and just buying bread and water is all of the smells and the temptation on all of these wonderful foods around you and all I walk out with is… bread and water.  Sounds like a jail sentence.  So… last night and this morning, there were wild turkey’s in this county park that I was staying at and they were close enough to hit with a rock, well, I have a pistol that I have taken along (as the pioneers had a gun that accompanied them for hunting) and thought that I would use it when I got to the wide open spaces of WY, well I thought about those turkeys and… no, I didn’t start blasting the birds but I wanted to.  You have no idea how hungry that I am for real food.

So here is my new rule:  because if it was 1856 and I was on the handcart train, we would be eating turkey tonight.  There were 3 large Toms and 2 Hens and I would have shot em’ all!  Well because the City of Grand Island probably wouldn’t take too kindly to me shootin’ up the county park, I ran to my camera and shot two of the Toms a number of times.  Now why should I be deprived of wild game just because I’m in the 21st Century?  So here is the rule, if I see wild game that would be close enough to shoot with my pistol and I take a photo of it to prove that I had two turkeys (or whatever), then I get to eat my share and equivalent of that game.  Fair enough?  So this morning I shot two turkeys and headed straight for Wal Mart and bought two turkey legs.  I thought that the two legs was reasonable since I would have shared the hunt with the entire camp.  So I had them cook up two turkey legs and I am now in the process of savoring every single morsel.  I planned to eat just a little each day, even though I wanted to eat both of them in a single sitting.  Thank you Dear Lord for sending me two tasty turkeys today.  I am now on the look-out for anything that I could eat and shoot and then take a photo and head to the store.  That’s not too much of a stretch is it?  I’m awful hungry.


Today on my way out of town, I also saw a young father giving rides on a little bicycle to his children, so I thought that I would go over and offer them a ride in the handcart.  His name was Hosie Hudson, and his little kids were Horizon 4, Dayshine 3, and they were just the cutest little kids.  So we met and I had the dad pull them around in the cart.  What a wonderful small moment with this dad and his kids.  I enjoyed meeting this family and hope to stay in touch.

I was also interviewed today by the Grand Island Independent newspaper and they came out to take photos.  They said that the article will be in Saturday or the Sunday paper and on the internet.

Today was the first day that we almost caused an accident. Because I walk on the breakdown shoulder of some very busy roads at times, it becomes perilous at best, to be where I am at and most people drive by at 65 or 70 mph even though we have two cars with emergency lights, flashers, and a large sign on the back that says “SLOW” WALKERS AHEAD, they don’t slow down.  This afternoon a lady driving a pickup with her daughter and carrying a trailer with a large fertilizer container on the back was almost hit by a guy at full speed.  She was turning left just past me and the guy who was looking at me and not the road had to lock em’ up and fish-tail between this lady and another truck on the opposite side of the road.  It wasn’t good.  It would have been a very serious accident if he hadn’t reacted at the last second.  That is one of the things that I fear, is being part of an accident or causing one.  I pray that it doesn’t happen.

Here is my food craving for the day, a large bowl of hot Cream of Wheat with sliced bananas on top with cream, not milk, two slices of whole wheat toast with real butter and a large orange juice in a chilled glass.   You have no idea…..