July 30th, 2009


12 Miles

Once again, I got drenched last night… not by the rain, but by the sprinkler system.  This time I just dealt with it and laid in a wet tent.

For some reason, I just have had an extra difficult time getting my feet to walk down the road.  It just seems like the further west that I get, the slower I walk.  It couldn’t be because of the lack of food or sleep or having walked 650 miles… could it?  Hmmmm….

I would usually give an update as to my physical condition, but everything still is the same and everything still hurts, so instead of beating a dead horse… I hurt.


I was just given a surprise gift(s) from two wonderful people here in Paxton.  Phyllis Peak gave me some wonderful jerky that I will be consuming in the days ahead and also Matt Bergen gave me a package of dry cured bacon, the kind that I lost a number of weeks ago because of the multiple rain storms that have plagued me.  Both will be consumed with pleasure, but I still have a craving for more ice cream… DQ…  Also, Shirley made me a 10 oz loaf of sour dough that I will get to eat tomorrow.

I also went through a grasshopper infestation this afternoon.  There were thousands upon thousands of them.  I’ll post the photo asap.