July 9th, 2009


15 miles

Flat pavement today with a wide breakdown shoulder to walk on to stay half way safe.  Yesterday I had to re-route onto a gravel road just to keep from getting killed by all of the trucks.  Even though it was easier pulling, the shift went from physical pain to mental boredom because there are no immediate goals that you are trying to accomplish, the mile after mile after mile of corn becomes a mental weight.  You walk for hours and hours but you really don’t see a lot of progress in your forward movement because everything looks the same.

89 degrees today and about 50% humidity.  Body is doing better because of the less stress in pulling.  My right hand is starting to get some feeling back in it.  The muscles in my lower back keep cramping and that is my only real problem at the moment.I’m not exactly sure what is happening, but I have been writing information on here and save it and it doesn’t show up the next day.


I need to figure out what’s up with that.  With that in mind, I will re-tell how I got hit by my escort.  I was walking into Fremont and all of a sudden I got bumped on the back of the cart and thought that Shirley was not paying attention, well the bump kept going and it pushed me into the ditch and I ended up rolling down the small embankment as I am watching Shirley (who had fallen asleep), continued to coast about another 50 feet down the shoulder until she woke up to find me behind her and in the ditch.  She came running back and was very sorry but had just fallen asleep and the van just pushed me into the shoulder.  No harm done.  It was only a few miles per hour and so everything is ok, but I now will have to tease her about running over me when she is supposed to be the one protecting me.

I am getting eatin’ alive by mosquitos… I gotta go…