July 10th, 2009


16.2 miles

I got another blister on my foot today since the first couple of weeks and I’m not sure why but it will sure add to the discomfort of having to walk about 15 miles tomorrow.  Today was flat pavement with a bit of a tail wind and so that helped.  At least for the moment the terrain is flat and I appreciate that but at the same time there is little if nothing on the horizon to have a goal or destination to shoot for and so mentally it seems like I am going nowhere.  All I see is mile after mile of corn with no real progress.  So I have gone from tough, hard hills to mind numbing corn.


A friend of mine, Abby Parker, sent in an email to KSL and they have responded to me to do a piece for Pioneer Day, so tomorrow we are going to try and do a web cam interview.  We’ll see how that goes.

Food is still a problem.  I’m not eating very much because it is not what my body wants to eat.  I haven’t eaten my full 12oz of bread/flour products since I left.  I just can’t do it but I do drink a lot of water.  I also make a blueberry drink with sugar and cold water that seems to taste pretty good.